A Pair of Windows

oil painting
Pair of Windows, oil on canvas 24 in. x 20 in., March 2017

Currently, I am focused on making cozy, clean, minimalistic spaces. Here, I feel calm and serene, and am able to think freely and creatively. I want color and light to move me. And perspective and architectural lines to open things up, but also close things in. What would happen if I blurred out the edges?

I looked at images of windows in homes as inspiration. This was a quick painting because of the simple composition and slightly looser brush strokes. I figured out my color palette as I went, laying color down and letting it lead me to my next step. I ended up using a high complementary/ contrasting pair of blue and orange. The effect is very vibrant, especially the floor. I find wood flooring engaging to paint because of its clean lines and large range of earthy colors present in natural wood. When light hits it, I think it is so beautiful and warm.

As for the windows, I made them bright and glaring. Their view is empty, and poses a pulsing, breathing, question. I would like to add the figure back into my paintings at some point, so I will need to recruit one of my friends to model for me. It may be hard to convey the impersonal role of the type of figure I want, and how I am not making an intimate portrayal of someone. I think the presence of a figure in my architectural spaces will allow the viewer to feel the space even more and perhaps take the figure’s place when gazing at the painting. I will see what I plan on doing next!

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