About me


Marie WheelerI graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2016 with a degree in environmental studies and coastal marine sciences, and am now pursuing a life in the arts. What may seem like a random change of course is actually natural because I have been drawing and painting my whole life. By the end of college, I knew that the fine arts were for me. I am also interested in biology and literature, but do not see myself making a career out of either of them. I realized that I want to create, and that there is no limit to my enthusiasm and expression.

I currently live in the Greater Boston area and am attending an MFA Painting program starting fall 2020. Lately, I mainly work with acrylic, oil pastels, collage, and other mixed media. I made this website to share with friends and family, and anyone else who is curious!


I paint looming, dreamy spaces where specific objects and architecture of my childhood bedroom play together and act out emotions and conflictions in my current adult life. My experiences and desires as an adult are mysterious to me and something I delve into in my paintings. Just like how the details and workings of the natural world are out of reach and intriguing in my urban life. I am observing the balance and ecosystem of my bedroom, and using it to sympathize with my current life goings-on. I take my old childhood room, and reshape and distort it to connect it with my present.

I am interested in human-less rooms that stay empty. The tightly-made, smooth bed in a lot of my paintings is to evoke rest and repose, but not necessarily to give it. I am interested in the psychological effect of stillness and settling into desires and questions. Interior spaces are a metaphor for the interiors of my mind. Symbolism is also important to me since I think of the repeating bedposts in my paintings as alternately benevolent or malevolent figures. My pink bedroom and its various contents are expressive of my past affinity for girly and whimsical surroundings, something I am still very subject to now. As an adult, I have dealt with disillusionment, disappointment, and conflict. Still, I have a strong desire for wonder, awe, and mystery which remains out of reach. My room is a beautiful, preserved environment, and my thoughts play and brood inside there.

I am interested in evoking feelings of longing and waiting, and the frenzy of conflicting thoughts. These rooms are for exploring and uncovering truths. But at the same time, I am transcending reality, expectation, physical space, and uncertainty.

Navigating my website: I mainly worked with oil and acrylic for a few years, and if you would like to know more about my process and thoughts behind these earlier paintings, you can scroll to the bottom of the “Oil & Acrylic” page to choose from the list of titles.