About me


Marie Wheeler

Marie Wheeler is a 2nd-year student in Boston University’s MFA Painting Program. She is a native of Brookline and received her BA from Mount Holyoke College in 2016 with a degree in environmental studies and a certificate in coastal marine sciences. Marie carries the need for naming and classifying the natural world into her art practice by creating both visual and verbal lists which reveal her own personal collection of desires, confessions, and questions. She works in acrylic, ceramics, collage, and mixed media.

I made this website to share with friends and family, and anyone else who is curious!

ARTIST STATEMENT ~ (in process)

I work with imaginative scenes. I think about transcending and lifting away from reality and plunging into energetic and sometimes unnerving spaces. There are often populations of swarming mermaids, dresses, and purses.  I would say that many of my paintings start with abstraction which I then stare at to find these forms. It’s a psychological activity for me and I am trying to enchant myself. I am thinking about desire and wistfulness, and true essences of self. Along with the imagery, I also make list paintings that are confessional in a sort of quaint and strange way, and that resist sentimentality or any profound feel. I like to think that pondering about the self is also a sense of wonder. Along with sitting with unknown and yet unexperienced things. I have a desire to evoke these.

The tension in my work comes from knowing that easy answers, the past, and deep-felt awe are degrees removed from the present. In the present, we can have disillusionment, painful decision making, and regret. Fantastical feelings are hard to grasp, and that motivates my work. The search for wonder and awe. My work is for people who have the same sentiments as me, and also for people who need to slow down and find those scary, wild feelings again.