Backwards and Forewards

oil painting

Using the leftover colors that I mixed for Blue and Wait for me, I created this painting over the amount of time that it took me to complete the other two. I had no compositional plan for this painting, and placed each color one by one as I saw fit. I began with painting black gesso onto a canvas, and then painting the top portion a tangerine orange color. After that, I added in the colors in boxy or line shapes. I experimented with applying the paint thinly versus opaquely, and discovered that thinly applied colors look really vibrant and alive over black. It was interesting to explore the look different colors have when over white, black, or another color.

I entitled this painting Backwards and Forwards because there are multiple places in this painting where I feel depth and sense of perspective. For example, you can either interpret the colorful squares at the top of the painting as coming forwards or receding backwards. I see this dynamic perspective as how you can trip over the same thoughts cycling to and fro in your mind all day.

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