But you are Dreaming

oil painting
But you are Dreaming, oil on canvas 40 in. x 30 in., July 2019

I wanted to better represent different states of mind by painting two rooms together and making a more dynamic space. The top half is of my bedroom, and the bottom half is of a friend’s home. The top is dreamy and enclosed, while the bottom has movement and openness. This painting is about repose, but an unrestful type where there are blank, dark areas, and a shadowy door that has something icy pooling away from it. There is peace, but also a sense of unease. I am finding comfort and balance in contradiction. For example, a peaceful thought of longing and joy can change into a room of detachment and dread. Moods and minds change, and I want my paintings to convey this complexity. I was inspired by a Maria Helena Vieira da Silva painting (Dance), and emulated her shapes onto the floor to make something like a web, stained glass, or a dream catcher.

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