Cozy Room

acrylic painting
Cozy Room, acrylic on canvas 24 in. x 24 in., September 2017

I looked at pictures of tiny house lofts for this painting. I was looking for smaller, cozier spaces that still had a strong sense of light. Lately, I have been veering away from realistic color choices and mixing colors that (for me) are reminiscent of the space’s feeling.

I wanted to portray the feeling of soft, but brightly diffused light coming in through the window. And also, comfort in the relatively darker slanted ceiling. I chose muted colors that helped me evoke that weak, morning light feel. This is a safe, cozy place for just the two of us to be. A place that is small and definite.

I spontaneously used a spray bottle on the ceiling, and for the window and bed. I think the dripping lines worked well to highlight the dark, rustic feel of the space overhead and also the seeping light over the bed area. Working with the spray bottle was fun because of how unexpected it can be. I want to use this technique again in a future painting. Acrylic is great because it is water-based (and so can work with a spray bottle), but also thick enough that it won’t completely disappear if you ultra-saturate it with water. I like the end result of this painting. I want to continue letting my perceived mood of a space guide me choose colors. In this way, my paintings are more subjective, and less like perfect renditions of interior spaces without any conversation about their meaning.

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