Dorm Bay Windows

oil painting
Dorm Bay Windows, oil on canvas 24 in. x 24 in., May 2018

I had the urge to create another interior space, and I found a picture of my junior year dorm room at Mount Holyoke College. In the picture, I liked how the big, bay windows added a cool wash of light which made the otherwise-dim room come to life.

In my painting, I wanted to evoke a feeling of strong, afternoon sunlight. Afternoon is a time of high contrast in light scheme. I chose warm orange tones to contrast with pale yellow, white, green, and blue. Orange can be vibrant, or groundingĀ if mixed with brown. I strived for both vibrancy and a sense of grounded calmness in this painting. I like how my objects, the desk and the beanbag, reinforce these themes. The dark desk holds the room together and the beanbag adds a softness. There was a bed in the left corner of the picture, but I left it out since I prefer the look of the empty corner. The leftover objects are centered in the painting and bask in the afternoon glow. I will continue exploring how light feels in interior spaces.

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