I Wish I Was There

I Wish I Was There, acrylic and oil pastel on paper 44 in. x 48 in., September 2019

I am taking a break from oil painting for a little while to incorporate different media into my portfolio, and to learn about different ways to make a dynamic work of art. I am working on my layering to reveal different textures. Oil pastels are fun to work with, and I like the way that they leave little specks of the under color peeking through.

This painting/drawing uses sunlight as a metaphor for comfort. In this case, strong, bold sunlight is harsh (left side). And softer, dimmer light (right side) is more welcoming, colorful, and comfortable. I used black throughout to help convey a sense of sunlight. The sunnier side is like a reality that can be too harsh to face. I seek peace and a more hidden, diffused space.

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