Latticed Windows

oil painting
Latticed Windows, oil on canvas 24 in. x 30 in., January 2018

I am not content with how this painting turned out. The placement of the light patches on the floor does not make sense with where the light is coming from, and there is a weird mixture of realistic vs. abstract that remains unbalanced. The light blotches on the floor remind me of popcorn. But the darker yellow underneath gives a glowing effect to the light which is nice. Maybe if I had done the whole painting with the blotches/wonky floor technique, or with the shabby, ghostliness of the walls, the painting might have been better.

I would like to explore more freeness of light in future paintings. And of layers and color-blocking. Color-blocking in amoeba-like shapes perhaps. I want my paintings to feel alive and vibrant. I will develop my technical skills, and return to close observation by doing a still-life next. But I will make it fun and show personality.

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