My Flower Room

oil painting
My Flower Room, oil on canvas 30 in. x 24 in., November 2018

I am continuing on with my theme of interiors, but I am making the spaces more my own by adding in bits from my imagination. I started by taking a picture of myself sitting in between the double closets in my room. I appreciated the symmetry of the closets, and the lines of the hardwood floor running towards the back of the room. To evoke more of the peace that I feel on the inside, I painted a flower beneath the figure, and camouflaged her into the petals. I also created a small, dark room at the back where a girl stands at a tall, thin window. This back room is more enclosed and mysterious. It adds a layer of depth to contrast and complement the foreground room of brighter colors and more dispersed sunlight. The closets are bright, graphic, and boxy, and contrast with the more organic shapes of the flower.

In my painting process these days, I am less concerned with small details such as faces and door frames, and more interested in using color and perspective to create dimension and sense of light. I am also developing how I convey emotion. I am still working on finding a balance between brightness of color and contrast of shadow versus sunlight. For my next painting, I am going to work on darker darks to set off my lighter hues. I think I may still end up preferring more diffused sunlight with brighter colors, but we shall see.

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