My Pillows

Watercolor Pillows
My Pillows, watercolor on paper 11 in. x 15 in., March 2018

My winter 2018 watercolor class gave me the right push and inspiration to do this watercolor of my needlepoint pillows and rose pillow against the wall between my two bedroom closets. Tired of drab winter hues, I wanted to gaze at and paint something with bright and abundant colors. Spring and summer burst forward through these pillows.

I chose this composition because I liked the look of the bright, yet soft-hued pillows nestled between two identical blue blocks of color: the closet doors

I enjoyed painting the fine details of the flowers. I also remembered my love of painting wooden floors and other such wooden surfaces. And the reflections of the pillows on the floor were also very engaging. Watercoloring from observation is such a serene activity for me. I watch the paint pool, creating translucent shadows. Watercolor is such a good medium for portraying reflections and subtle shifts in light.

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