My Pink Room

oil painting
My Pink Room, oil on canvas 24 in. x 24 in., May 2018

My subject matter of windows, walls, and floors does not vary much, but I do vary my style in the quest to find one that I think best suits the mood and overall-aesthetic feel that I want. I find myself veering away from a more realistic painting style, and moving towards brighter colors and simpler forms.

In this painting, I worked from a picture that I took of my room. Using bright pinks, I tried blurring the edges of where colors met a little. I also added some brush strokes of lighter color within the color-blocked areas. I feel like I am on the edge here; the contours of shapes are still quite defined, but there is also a blurring and unblended aspect. I think
that if I made the shapes even more blurred and melting together, it would create more of an absorbed and inward sort of feeling for the painting. I think I still like color blocking though. The painting I completed before this (Dorm Bay Windows) is more effective in terms of conveying sense of light and calm. This painting was still a good experiment though.

For my next room interior painting, I want to push the idea of “melting” by perhaps making the lines more curved and less straight, but still strongly color-blocked. I also want to continue playing with the idea of monochromatic color scheme and subtle variation in color value. On the train recently, I had an idea pop into my head: rooms like the inside of a flower. I imagine lots of light; a bright, yet soft color palette; and a subtlety of color changes as your eye roves around. I will explore this!

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