Oil & Acrylic

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No Peace From Dreams

Soon TM, Soon TM! Soon TM?

When You Say Soon

I Wish I Was There

Coming Soon

But you are Dreaming

4 Shrouds


Black Curtain, Rooms Beyond



Room like the Inside of a Flower 

Backwards and Forwards

Wait for me



Empty Building

Greenhouse Studio

My Flower Room

Walking Bridge

Interior Rooms

My Red Room

Yoni Portrait

My Pink Room

Dorm Bay Windows

Glass and Ceramic Still-Life

Rooms With Windows

Studio Corner

Self-Portrait in Studio

Ceramic Lady on Window Sill

Latticed Windows

Neighbor House

Glassware Still-Life

Gardner Museum

Colorful Living Room

Cozy Room

My Nail Polish Bottles 


A Pair of Windows

Purple Bay

Goblet of Fire Stairs