Room like the Inside of a Flower

oil painting

I made an architectural model out of cardboard to refer to for this painting. I tried to somewhat carefully observe the shapes of the cardboard roll-ups and carved-out windows. I placed colors, shadows, and shapes one by one to evolve the painting into a more surreal or almost abstract sort of space. I used a darker palette to help evoke enclosure. But the lines and colors above and in the room help to convey openness or expansion. I want to feel both at the same time. A dim room with external light coming through achieves this for me.

The title of this painting is a bit strange, but I was thinking of Georgia O’Keefe, and how some of her close-up flower paintings begin resembling rooms. I like the idea of making interior spaces with the insides of flowers as inspiration. For my next painting, I think I will look at pictures of flowers (they are not yet in bloom outside), and begin sketches springing from what I see.

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