Skirt on Closet Door

Watercolor Skirt on Closet Door
Skirt on Closet Door, watercolor on paper 15 in. x 11 in., July 2017

This is a watercolor I did summer of 2017; the first one I had done in a year or two. I did a relatively quick study from observation. Fabric was my favorite watercolor subject in high school, so I picked a skirt that had interesting folds and fun patterns. This spot in my room didn’t get the strong sunlight to enhance the skirt folds (highlight vs. shadow) that I had in mind, but the white panels on the skirt provide a nice source of “highlight” and contrast.

I was most intrigued by the fluid lines of the skirt and the soft play of light on the sunhat. I was not much interested in the flat door or the smooth laundry hamper. I find this interesting because when I work with oil paint, I am drawn to straight lines and creating architectural spaces.

Though I do not believe this is a strong watercolor piece, this study was beneficial because it helped me reestablish my interests in fabric, color, and light when it comes to watercolor.

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