Studio Corner

oil painting
Studio Corner, oil on canvas 24 in. x 18 in., March 2018

For this painting, I worked on distinguishing the foreground and background with┬ácolor and tone. I concentrated on making the background colors more muted and paler in comparison to the richer colors in the foreground. To balance the background and foreground, I used similar color themes, so that the viewer’s eye can rove around smoothly.

I initially wanted to make a detailed study of fabric for this painting, but then decided I was more interested in the contours and light of the corner of my studio. I wanted to make this a colorful painting with a soft, happy light. On the fabric, I enjoyed emphasizing the shapes and patterns that I observed. Unconsciously, I might have been thinking of Matisse. I admire the pastel colors, patterns, and somewhat flat, interior spaces that he portrayed.

Reflecting on this painting, I think it needs more movement and more color richness to make it more engaging. I am experimenting with expanding my painting style, and this was a good study for me to do. For my next painting, I might want to employ richer colors and perhaps not-as defined shapes and lines. That will give me more of a sense of energy and movement.

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