oil painting
Sunroom, oil on canvas 24 in. x 36 in., April 2017

I don’t want to bring the figure back into my paintings yet. I am still interested in creating minimalistic interior spaces that are more about architectural lines and natural light. Maybe I am painting homes before people have moved in. It’s a man/woman-made space, but there is no personalization because there are no possessions and no people. I want to feel peace within a space. With the walls, and the shapes that light makes on the floor. Away from the clutter of everyday life. Something fresh and soft.

Images of sunrooms served as inspiration for this painting. I was thinking of painting potted plants, but then chucked that idea. However, I introduced the feeling of houseplants into this painting by rendering bold shadows of the tree cast onto the floor. I like the effect of the green in the painting and how the peach-colored portrayal of light turned out. The color feels warm to me, and natural. I think maybe it reminds me of the beach. Together, with the rich, but muted, blue of the painting, there is quite a calming effect. I balance the bright colors with the greys of the wall, floor, and windows.

I always start out with the intention to paint in a looser style, but it doesn’t really happen. Perhaps the closest one to a loose style would actually be the first one I made (Goblet of Fire Stairs). I like sharp lines because they lend themselves better to color-blocking and that feeling of minimalism. But if I want a painting to be more emotional (such as ecstatic peace or happiness), I should try for looser, wonkier, more visible brush strokes. It’s good that I am making studies because I can follow whichever direction I like, experiment with new ideas, and have the freedom to spontaneously put new things on the canvas. Color is very important to me. I ask myself: What goes with what? How do contrast or lack of contrast in colors create different moods? I wonder what I will do for my next painting. Maybe a self portrait?

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