Teapot, Fruit, and Garlic

Pastel fruit
Teapot, Fruit, and Garlic, pastel on pastel card 12 in. x 9 in., May 2018

This is my last pastel drawing from my Intro to Pastels class, and also the only one where I took time out of class to complete the composition. In the beginning, when I was still learning the basics of how to use pastels, I drew the still-lifes in a careful, realistic way in order to focus more of my attention on how the pastels worked. With this still-life, I used the pastels more loosely to portray the teapot. I appreciated its shape and straight contours. I also enjoyed the lemon for its high-shine, complex shadows, and texture. The other objects and the cloth were less interesting to me, and I reverted to my more -controlled, very blended way of drawing for them. I will continue using my pastels and developing my ability!

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