Walking Bridge

oil painting
Walking Bridge, oil on canvas 30 in. x 30 in., September 2018

In this painting, I introduced a little bit of fantasy. The big circle on the left resembles a low-hanging moon with a mountain-like chain running through it. I played with juxtaposing dark, rich colors with light colors for heightened contrast and more of an ominous, moodier feel. There is joy and energy, and also more quiet thoughts and feelings.

I also experimented with how different types of colors are harmonious with each other. Here, I contrasted the deep purple, jade, and alizarin crimson with the white bridge and pastel colors. The orange semicircle and the cadmium red details on the bridge are vibrant, middle-toned colors that also pop against the others. To maximize the graphic effect of the colors, I created crisp lines and shapes. I also used white, which adds breathing space between hues. The central part of the bridge and the figure are calm, solid, and devoid of saturation.

To create an enclosed, inward sort of space, I put dark colors on the top and bottom of the painting, and the lightest colors in the middle. The figure is from a picture of me walking on a path beside the beach. And the bridge is over a small lake that I visited in Taiwan.

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